How to enjoy camping even if you have never camped before

Camping is a great way of connecting with nature but can be a pretty daunting hobby to get into. Many people who live and spend all of their time in busy cities long for contact with nature and a moment of peace and quiet, so difficult to find in their everyday lives. Spending the night outside away from home can be scary for someone who has never gone camping in their whole life. However, overcoming one’s fears and getting away from a concrete jungle and into the woods can be a cathartic experience. If you have a family, it is also a great way of bonding and showing your children a different environment to make them more appreciative of the amazing gift nature has given us.

Before you go camping it is a good idea to thoroughly prepare. Aside from reading camping guides and looking up what plants are poisonous, there are some basic pieces of equipment you can, and should, purchase to make your first camping excursion easier.


While setting up a traditional tent using tent pegs and ropes can be a fun experience, it is definitely not an easy one. If you think you may have trouble with putting up a tent like that you may want to look into other options.

Fortunately, technology has come far, and pop up tents are now available. Pop up tents are tents that do not need to be tethered to the ground, you just literally take them out of the bag and they automatically transform into a properly shaped tent. It is unbelievable how easy they are to set up.

These tents come in many different sizes and designs. No matter if you are camping alone, with your partner or whole family, you will be able to find a pop up tent for you. They can be bought almost everywhere. Look up Pop Up Tent Walmart to find a great selection of pop up tents near you.

Protection from nature

We can enjoy being outside in a natural environment but that doesn’t mean nature won’t do anything to hurt us. Being protected from sun and insects at all times is for most people essential to spending a pleasant time while camping.

Put on sunscreen every morning on every exposed part of your body to make sure you won’t get a nasty sunburn. Pay special attention to your face as the skin there is especially delicate and reapply sunscreen throughout the day. Bring a small tub of aloe cream with you just in case you do get sunburnt.

Bugs can be a real kill-joy when it comes to camping. Mosquitos buzzing and biting can cause unrest during the night. Ticks are also carriers of serious diseases and flies and ants will try and get to your food. Purchase an insect repellant that works against all kinds of bugs to protect yourself and your belongings.

Everyone should try camping every once in a while but we cannot forget to take basic necessary precautions. Failing to do so can spoil the experience and make some people hesitant to ever try again which would be a shame.

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